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Dustin’s love for music goes back to campfire pickin’ and family jams at an early age, and musical influences that span multiple genres and generations.  His musical roots and deep ties to rural Alberta express who Dustin Farr is and what kind of music lives in his soul. When writing Dustin conveys emotion and passion that you can truly feel when you hear him perform his original work.

Dustin’s music is a combination of homegrown country sound with lyrics that speak to his  deep roots of home, family, friends and a desire to make music meaningful. With vocal strength and tone blended with emotional themes, Dustin’s music will speak to your soul.

With over 20 years of experience in music, Dustin has cut his path in country music and continues to emulate a classic country sound with modern lyrical elements. His music will take you back to a simpler time, when party lines and family dances were commonplace and a handshake was as good as money.

Over the past several years Dustin has grown as an artist and has received awards & nominations including:

  • CKFM Star Search Winner 2016

  • Viral notoriety with “We Are Alberta” in 2016

  • YYC Award Nominee - Singer/songwriter of the year

  • 2017 Mountainview Publishing Readers Choice Award - Local Artist - Bronze

  • 2018 mountainview publishing readers choice award - local artist - gold

  • Project Wild - Country Artist Development Program Top 12 Finalist - 2017

Dustin has been fortunate enough to share the stage with several other artists including: Jamie Woodfin, Trinity Bradshaw, Drew Gregory, Blake Reid, and Dwayne Steele. Dustin also  continues to co-write and perform with many other artists in the Canadian music scene.

The viral notoriety that Dustin achieved with his song “We Are Alberta” was a turning point, not only for Dustin’s music, but his outlook on life. The experience of having over 280,000 Facebook views and hundreds of positive messages from across the country and around the world, brought a realization of the power of positivity and connection. Whether in person or on stage, Dustin is authentic and optimistic.

Dustin's live show is an intimate experience that captivates the audience with an atmosphere showcasing music and lyrics. The blend of storytelling and song will capture your emotions and deliver an authentic exposure to real life and the rural Alberta romance. When working with other musicians, Dustin can create a live show that can fill stages large and small that continues to focus on audience connection and a genuine musical experience.

So kick back and let your soul get lost in the lyrics and melody this home hewn country sound.

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Music - Singles

Singles available on iTunes and Spotify

Slow Burn

I wrote the majority of this song in the fall of 2015, and finished it in the spring of 2016. I wanted to convey the feelings of loss that we all feel when a relationship ends. 

We Are Alberta

I wrote this song in the spring of 2016, as the year had been pretty rough already with several blows to the heart of our province. Then we were struck again with a wild fires that hit Fort McMurray, and I felt like the province needed something to give them a boost, and allow people to start pulling themselves out of this hole. This song is for the people of Alberta!!

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Upcoming Shows


Foothills Folk Club Nov. 9, 2019

AB Middle School Leadership Conference, Nov. 22/23, 19

Bowden Lighthorse 4-h, Olds, AB Dec. 1, 2019

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